We now live in a world where wearing a mask is not an option, but an essential part of our daily lives. As the market has become saturated with masks, we felt that most of the masks do not adequately protect us from micro germs. Thus began our journey to create the safest and most comfortable mask.

After researching numerous masks and their capabilities, we have concluded that masks made of copper-infused fabric are the best defense against microbes. Studies show copper is highly effective against bacteria and viruses by killing them on contact.  Copper not only kills germs that make you sick, but it kills odor-causing bacteria as well.

Whether you intend to purchase a mask for short-term wear, all-day wear or even for use in sports, comfort should be one of the major factors in your decision.  Designed for all types of activity, our masks are structured with a center pocket that lifts the mask off your mouth, offering comfort and breathability. Our soft, adjustable nose bridge allows you to mold the mask to your face, providing a protective seal and preventing glasses from fogging.

Studies also show that wearing a mask decreases the risk of infection to the wearer by 65%.  This percentage increases significantly if both infected and non-infected persons wear masks. We strongly believe that the simple act of wearing a mask can help save lives.  Why not protect yourself and others with an effective virus fighting mask that does not sacrifice style and comfort?

During these uncertain and trying times, we are not powerless. We can take steps to better deal with this pandemic by taking actions, however small, such as adhering to social distancing rules and wearing masks. Individually, we have a responsibility to do our part, but only together can we prevail.